Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Specific Orovisions of Mutual Rescission    M.Sc.    Rezaeeyan Gharayi, Mohammd Reza    2014-05-17
2    Responsibility of Several attorneys    M.Sc.    akbarpour sokkeh, somayeh    2015-01-26
3    The Principle of Repeated Compensation Prohibition in Civil Liability    M.Sc.    marziyeh, ana    2015-02-03
4    The Innovations of Commercial Bill about Rights and Obligations Arising out of Commercial Document    M.Sc.    nodehi, danial    2015-02-03
5    Applicable Law in International Multimodal Transport of Goods    M.Sc.    rokhchekav, Negar    2015-03-10
6    The Legal Analysis of Relations between Litigants and Arbitrator (Nature, Formation, Termination)    M.Sc.    mehri, vahid    2015-06-28
7    Open price contract of sale    M.Sc.    Mansoori Lotfali, Leila    2016-01-12
8    Emotional divorce and it`s solution in Iranian law and judgmental procedure    M.Sc.    taghdisi, maryam    2016-03-15
9    Deputation in Divorce and Assignment of right to Divorce in Iranian and Afghan Law    M.Sc.    nasery, roghaye    2016-03-15
10    A Comparative Study of Filling Gaps in Contracts in Iranian and the U.S Law    M.Sc.    arbab, bahador    2016-05-17
11    Avoidance of the contract by buyer in CISG and Iranian Law    M.Sc.    tahani, alireza    2016-07-12
12    Compliance with ethical standards in sale contracts in framework of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods    M.Sc.    davtalab, zahra    2016-11-04
13    A comparative study of organ transplantation in Iranian Law and Iraqi law    M.Sc.    Alsharuee, Husam    2016-12-13
14    The seller's obligations in the delivery of sales of Iran and Iraq law and international convention for the international sale 1980    M.Sc.    Alkaittan, Saddam Abdulhussein    2017-01-03
15    Limitations to Avoid the Contract by Buyer in Convention for the International Sale of Goods    M.Sc.    minbashi, maryam    2017-01-09
16    Wastage of devotion and strategies to deal with its challenges    M.Sc.    ramezani, fatemeh    2017-02-07
17    Marriage of oppressed people in Iran and Iraqi law    M.Sc.    ALkinani, Massooma    2017-02-28
18    Causes of Dissolution of marriage result of defect in Iranian, Egyptian and Iraqi law    M.Sc.    bolookimoghaddam, farzane    2017-02-28
19    Rescission of Contract Result of Contractual Obligations Breach in Iranian and Iraq Law    M.Sc.    Jebur, Ali Khairi    2017-05-30
20    Consumer Protection in the Digital World : Comparative Study in Iranian Law, England Law and European Union Law    M.Sc.    gholami, mozhgan    2017-06-20
21    A Compartive Study of Tort Liability Caused by Artificial Intelligence in the Iranian Legal System and Common Law    M.Sc.    Malek zadeh, Sara    2017-06-20
22    Disturbing Terms of Contractual Equilibrium in Iran and Iraqi Law    M.Sc.    Jawad, Hawraa Azeez Kareem    2017-09-26
23    The Effect of Party Authority in courts' International Jurisdiction (A Comparison Between Iranian, Syrian and British Law)    M.Sc.    kabry, mohammed mjed    2017-10-10
24    Comparative Study of Increasing Dowry after the Marriage in Law of Iran and Afghanistan    M.Sc.    balkhy, fatemeh    2017-12-12
25    Legal Guarantees in International Commercial Conciliation in Iranian, Afghan and UNCITRAL Model Law    M.Sc.    طالبیان, وحیده    2018-01-02
26    A comparative study of fulfilling the obligation in charge of promiser in Iranian and Iraqi law    M.Sc.    Siraj, Musadaq    2018-02-13
27    Emergency Arbitration in the International Commercial Law    M.Sc.    rezaei, salehe    2018-02-13
28    Basics and results of relationship and independence of civil liability of arbitrator and arbitral institutions    M.Sc.    mahmudi, nemat ollah    2018-02-13